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cyme portraitAs co-owner of chaos ink, Cyme has always been giving our T-shirts a little of her imaginative magic. But if you know Cy apart from chaos ink, you know that she is artistic about everything, working in a variety of mediums and preparing artwork for an incredible range of items.

She designs business cards, brochures, wedding invitations, signs, holiday cards, web pages...

She creates 3-dimensional artwork in the forms of birthday cake monkeys and pirate ship Halloween costumes.

She once turned a 2-year-old into Buzz Lightyear.

In short, everything that works about the way chaos ink presents itself was probably specified by Cyme. When the shop is messy or a sign is crooked, when a fax coversheet doesn't look like a frameable piece of carefully-designed layout, it's probably because someone ignored Cy's advice or was in too much of a hurry to ask. We are lucky to have her on board, and we plan to look better and better as her talent for clean, thoughtful design permeates more and more of what we do.

Below are some samples of Cyme's creations. Click the images to explore further.

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