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* custom screen printing expertschaos ink is a custom screen printer, and we take screen printing seriously.

It's our passion and our livelihood -- it's how we feed our families, it's what we do.

We produce full-color art reproductions on T-shirts, one-color block prints on athletic uniforms, and just about everything in between.

The printing we do is part old-school craft: we still make our own stencils on screens and run ink through the stencils on to T-shirts.

In part, it's also technology-driven and cutting edge: we're experts at powerful art programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, we use high-end printers to output film positives that we use to expose our screens, and we do a huge fraction of our business through our web site.

Check out some customer feedback on our testimonials page.

Live Footage of a chaos ink Print Run

Getting Started on Your Order.

1. What kind of items?

Are you looking for T-shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts or another type of garment? We screen print on hundreds of different brands and styles of garments. You can check out many of the styles we offer in our Online Catalog.

2. Artwork

Do you have an existing logo or art file you'd like us to print or do you need us to create artwork for you? We offer graphic design services and we create about half of all the designs that get printed at our shop. If you need artwork services, contact us and let us know the specifics of your project.

3. Quantity

Are you looking for a dozen items for a team or a group of friends, hundreds of items for a retail store or something in between? We give huge quantity discounts and handle orders ranging from one or two items to a few dozen, clear up to multi-thousand-shirt production runs.